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Community Mosaic Beginning in Dec. 2017

Talent, OR - Bee City, U.S.A. will be Talent's first community made mosaic mural. This will be placed on the front of the stage at City Hall before next years' Harvest Festival.

I will be facilitating workshops throughout the end of 2017 and into the spring of and summer of 2018, where folks of all ages can come create flowers of mosaic tiles to be put together into a pollinator garden scene! To help pay for this project I will be asking for small donations of $5 to create a small flower (up to 6") and $10 to create a larger flower (up to 1').

If you have experience in stained glass work or mosaic tilework and would like to help me guide the makers during this process, please contact me so I can assess your level of ability. There may also be slots to help me pre-cut some tile and/or tumble glass for the little ones! 


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