Community Mosaic in Talent Oregon
to Jul 20

Community Mosaic in Talent Oregon

Talent: Bee City, U.S.A. will be Talent's first community made mosaic mural of a pollinator garden scene! This will be installed on the front of the stage at City Hall (across from the Talent Library front lawn) before next years' Harvest Festival.

I will be facilitating workshops throughout the Spring and Summer of 2018, where folks ages 8 to 108 can come create mosaic flowers of handmade ceramic (for the little ones) and glass (adults and older kids only). By mid July I hope to have collected enough blooms to be put together into a pollinator garden scene! To help pay for this project I will be asking for small donations of $15 per 2 hr. session to create flowers in my studio on a fiberglass mesh backing. I am partnering up with Talent Maker City, who will help me keep track of all the dates, times, and sign ups for the work sessions. 

After I've collected all the flowers, I will create a design based on what you and your neighbors have made, add foliage (and some special secret bits!), and then finish off the production. Before our Harvest Festival I will be installing the piece with the help of some experienced professionals to make sure it will withstand the elements and be done cleanly.

Additional donations for this project can be made below. Thank you for your support!

Donations for Creations!
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