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Community Mosaic in Talent Oregon
to May 31

Community Mosaic in Talent Oregon

Talent: Bee City, U.S.A. will be Talent's first community made mosaic mural of a pollinator garden scene! This will be installed on the front of the stage at City Hall (across from the Talent Library front lawn) before Pollinator Week in June 2019.

In this second year of production I will be facilitating workshops throughout the Winter and Spring of 2019. Participants can help to create the mural of mosaic flowers with their respective foliage, background, and add finishing touches to our pollinator garden scene (adults and kids 16 and up only please). By the end of May I hope to have completed the entire mural. This portion of the project is much more specific than the first half, so some stained glass cutting experience is strongly suggested, though not completely necessary if you are willing to be directed! I partnered up with Talent Maker City for the original work sessions; now I am running workshops out of my home studios. The workshop sessions are now FREE! Please register through Eventbrite below asap to ensure your space! Limited to 4 participants per session.

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Additional donations for this specific project can be made below or through Thank you for your support!

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